5 Minute Gap Fillers


At the back of every manual, teachers will find a list of 5 minute gap fillers.  These are short activities designed as fill-ins for those times that the teacher has a short gap to fill.  Each activity is based on a Life Skill taught from that manual and can be incorporated throughout the day as a reminder of the life skills lesson.




A small sample of the 5 minute gap fillers


1.    Write down 4 positive words that describe you?

2.    Write down 3 things that you are really good at.

3.    Draw a picture of ‘Confidence’.

4.    List as many words associated with ‘Confidence’ as you can.

5.    Think of a time you felt ‘Confident’.  Write it down and describe how it felt.




The Confidence Manual contains many more of these gap fillers and MORE!

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