Life skills Programs  offers parents and teachers a variety of unique and evolutionary education programs that deliver powerful lessons in life skills principles and values to enhance children's academic and personal lives.


YOU will love the simple, easy to use, lesson plans with all resources provided.




The first of the series is Mind Magic; a resource and professional development program aimed at promoting the social and emotional wellbeing of children aged 5+


It's a life skills education program which teaches 8 powerful life principles!


It's fun and interactive whilst teaching important skills such as resilience, self-responsibility and self-esteem.




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our Positive Inspirational Panda!




Change Your Mind, Change Your Life Movies



Kumbaya Movie
You are the one who has the power to manage your thoughts and feelings throughout the day. The fastest way to impact your emotional state positively is to watch this movie with music and lyrics that are 100% uplifting.

"We bring coaching and parenting together

 to help your child build a life

 of confidence, courage and compassion."